Vaccine protocols                                       
What vaccines should my pet

This subject has enjoyed much discussion in
recent years.  There is no question that
vaccines have improved our pets' quality of
life by making  diseases like Distemper a
rarity rather than a common and debilitating
condition.  Preventing Feline Leukemia,
Parvovirus enteritis , and Rabies was so
worthwhile that  yearly booster protocols
became commonplace because..they
worked!   Veterinarians and vaccine  
manufacturers  are now questioning whether
or not immunity may last longer than what is
listed on the label.  Manufacturers are making
vaccines safer and more effective, and we
realize that not all dogs and cats are at equal
risk for all diseases.  Both the American
Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the
American Association of Feline Practitioners
(AAFP) have dedicated panels of experts to
address these questions.  Guidelines have
been established based on their findings.  At  
Naples Safari, our  Doctors have modified our
protocols based on these updated
guidelines.  Vaccinations are divided into
"Core" (required) and "Non-core"  (optional)  
In addition, our veterinary staff will ask
questions about your pet's lifestyle to help
determine which vaccines may be
appropriate.  Please feel free to ask
Don't let your pet  be treated like
an assembly line part.
  If you would like to
see our vaccination guidelines,  please click
on the following links:

Canine vaccines
Feline vaccines

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