New - After many requests from clients for a healthy, "made in
America", all natural gourmet diet made from quality ingredients,
we researched  the  options available and are pleased to announce
that we  are now carrying the following product lines:

Merrick Pet Foods canned diets for dogs and cats are made
in Texas at family owned facilities. These Gourmet Meals with
entrees like
Grammy's Pot Pie, Wilderness Blend, Smothered
Comfort, Brauts-n-Tots, & Cowboy Cookout
are made with
human grade, hormone-free meats and quality ingredients such
as chick peas, spinach, zucchini,  apples and red jacket potatoes
- and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! Feline dinners
California Roll, Surf & Turf, Thanksgiving Day Dinner
& New England Roll.
 Many choices have been awarded Low
Glycemic Pet Foods of the Year by the Glycemic Research

EVO by Natura We are now carrying EVO High Protein, Low
Carbohydrate, no grain dry formulations for dogs and cats.    The
diets are made of human grade proteins like chicken and turkey
and include bones, fat and cartilage to provide essential minerals
and amino acids, wild herring meal and oil as a source of omega
3 fatty acids, vegetables and fruits for antioxidants and
micronutrients and both probiotics and prebiotics to aid in
digestion.  Ingredients are all hormone and antibiotic free,  No
byproducts, artificial colors , flavors or synthetic preservatives are
used.  For more info about  
EVO click here.

All of the diets are AAFCO certified.

Why not treat you pet to a true Gourmet Meal?

We will continue to provide our existing lines of Science Diet
and Purina Veterinary diets.
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