Companion Therapy  Laser  By Litecure LLC - recognized as one of the Worlds Best
    Veterinary Products of 2009 on Good Morning America

    We are excited to announce the addition of a state-of- the art  Class 4 Therapy Laser to our pain management and
    treatment protocols.  Managing pain and discomfort is vital  in providing the highest quality of life for our pets, and is
    one of primary goals at Naples Safari.   Class 4 Therapy Lasers are the most powerful lasers that are FDA approved
    to manage pain and inflammation.

    This non invasive, non surgical, pain and  drug free therapy often takes less than 10 minutes and can benefit the
    following conditions:

    Wound Healing
    Interverteberal Disc Disease
    Hot Spots
    Ligament/tendon injuries
    Post Surgical Pain/Healing
    Periodontal disease
    Anal Sacculitis
    Otitis externa

    How does a therapy laser work?
    Lasers reduce pain and inflammation and promote wound healing through photobiomodulation. Energy is transmitted
    through the tissue.  This energy stimulates cytochrome c oxidase and ATP production in the mitochondria increasing
    cell metabolism, stimulates fibroblast and collagen development and increases the formation of new capillaries reducing
    healing time. Energy stimulates the release of natural endorphins, decreases nerve sensitivity decreasing pain and causes
    dilation of blood and lymphatic vessels reducing inflammation and swelling.

    Therapy Laser Treatment can be used along with other treatment protocols including massage, exercise, nutraceuticals
    and medicinal therapy to make your pet more comfortable.

    Call us to see if Laser Therapy might benefit your pet or click here to learn more about Companion Therapy Lasers.