Naples Safari Animal Hospital and Pet Resort

Hurricane Boarding Policy

In the event that a hurricane should strike the Southwest Florida coast we
recommend that you make arrangements to board your animal in a facility away from
the coast and the effects of the storm.

Our primary concern is the well being of your pet.  In the event of severe
weather, the potential for loss of electricity, air conditioning and fresh water would
limit our ability to provide the optimum care that your pets need and deserve.  If
evacuation is recommended, lack of qualified personnel could impact the quality of
care that we would be able to provide.

If a hurricane WATCH is put into effect for the southwest Florida area, we
recommend that you  consider making alternate arrangements for boarding.  A list of
facilities away from the coast will be provided to you.  If your animal is already
boarding with us you will be contacted to suggest a possible transfer of your animal.  
All animals boarded during a hurricane watch MUST have a local emergency contact
that is willing to retrieve the animal should it become necessary.  

If a hurricane WARNING is put into effect for southwest Florida, no boarding
reservations will be accepted.  Owners of animals already in the kennel or hospital
will be contacted and advised to transfer their pets to a facility away from the track
of the storm.  

In the event that your animal is here during severe weather and no one is able to pick
the animal up, every attempt will be made to move your animal inside and care for it
until arrangements for transfer can be made, however due to the impact that a storm
may have on the facility and it’s operations, our resources may be limited.

We have provided copies of  a disaster checklist for your information.  

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Hurricane Plan for Pets