Hot Topics in Veterinary Medicine                                          
Diet and Nutrition are important topics when it comes to health care for our pets.  
Chosing the right diet for your pets can be very confusing with all the claims
and advice from everyone.  if you are interested in learning more click on the
following subjects:
Commercial Pet Foods -  how to compare
Raw Diets
Home Made Diets
Click on the following links for information on Heart Disease in Pets from
Veterinary Partner
Mitral Valve Disease
Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Congenital Heart Diseases and Breed Predilections
Confused about all of the different options for flea and tick control?  Click
here for comparisons of the top products to help pick the one that is best
for your pet?  Still have questions?  Give us a call and out staff would be
happy to help.
Did you know that it is estimated that 44% of Dogs in the US are overweight and
Did you know that it is estimated that 57% of Cats in the US are overweight or obese?
This is a health crisis of epidemic proportions.
Overweight pets have a shorter lifespan and are at increased risk for developing
diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

Take the
Barc Quiz from Pfizer  to find out if your dog is in a high risk catagory,
then click on our
Weight Management Page to assess your pets' weight and take
advantage of useful information and tools to get your pet healthy .
What vaccinations should I give my pet & how often should they be given?  
The answer depends on your pet and your pet's lifestyle.  Click here to learn
about our
vaccination protocols.
Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy is a new option for treating diseases of the
ligaments and joints in canines and offers promise for other disease conditions
as well.  Find out more on this state of the art  branch of medicine by clicking
Microchipping your pet - the facts - There has been some confusion about
microchipping and the type of microchips used for pets.  Click here for clear
cut information on
Help! My pet is itchy - Why your pet may be itchy and what we can do.
Thunderstorm anxiety /phobia- Now is the time to start treating for
thunderstorm anxiety disorder - before the season starts - click here for
helpful tips and
more info.

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Does your pet have difficulty getting to his  or her feet, seem slower and more
reluctant to play ? They may be suffering from arthritis . What can be done ?
- click here to help your pet be more comfortable and mobile.
The Season is back  - plan ahead before a storm is close.  Read our Hurricane
Plan for Pets.