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    No More Fat Pets

    Pet Obesity is one of the most serious and widespread health concerns in Veterinary Medicine.
    44% of Dogs in the US are Overweight or Obese!
    57% of Cats in the US are Overweight or Obese!

    Chances are one or more pets in your family are carrying excess weight that will
    Shorten their lives, Increase the risk of diseases including Osteoarthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Respiratory disorders, High blood
    pressure, Heart Disease, and many forms of Cancer.

    Obesity results when calories being consumed exceed calories being burned.  We know that our clients love their pets and
    consider them as family members  - so why are we killing our pets with calories??

    Where our pets are concerned, we too often have taken the attitude that LOVE=FOOD. It also seems that many of our pets
    have accepted this form of gratification and encourage it.  It takes far less time to sneak your dog a cookie than to take him
    for a walk.  

    A recent study clearly showed that lean dogs lived almost 2 years longer than their heavy counterparts, and in addition to a
    longer quantity of life they led a better quality of life with far less health problems as they aged.   

    Because we want our patients to be around and healthy for as long as possible, we have put together a set of tools, tips  and
    resources to encourage dog and cat owners to help their pets become more healthy.  While some protocols are the same for
    dogs and cats, there are some unique challenges for each which we have addressed. Don’t think that your pet is overweight?
    You would be amazed how many owners are surprised when we tell them their dog or cat has “excess baggage”.  Find out for
    sure.  Bring your pet  to either location and we will be happy to do a complimentary Body Condition Score Assessment  - or do
    your own assessment at home using the Body Condition Score Chart  on our Obesity Page,  which you can access from our
    “Hot Topics” tab on our site or directly from the following link.  We encourage your feedback and any questions or comments
    that you may have.  Resolve to adopt a more healthy lifestyle for yourself  in 2011  ?  Include your pet in the challenge.
Obesity Management Kit
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