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    Healthy Weight  Kit

    Here's where to start:

    Step 1 – Is my pet overweight?   Because pets come in all shapes and sizes, the best way to tell is not by measuring pounds,
    but by touch and sight. Can you feel your pet's ribs?
    You should not be able to see his/her ribs , but you should be able to feel them easily – like this.  Make a fist – If your pet's  ribs
    feel like the very top of your knuckles,  your pet is too thin.   If your pet's ribs feel like the bones directly behind your knuckles ,
    he is just right. If your pet's ribs feel like the ball of your hand, your pet is too heavy.

    Look at your pet from above – does he have a waist? If not – too heavy.  Look at your pet from the side – Does he have a
    waist? – if not too heavy.  We like to use a 10 scale Body Condition System to assess weight. Click to see   the chart.  

    Step 2.  How many calories is your pet getting?  The amount of food that you feed your pet should be accurately measured
    daily.  If you use a cup to measure food,  make sure that it is and 8 oz cup, not a 12 oz or larger coffee mug.  Treats and scraps
    count.  This is especially important when multiple family members interact with the pet .  If all of the kids and Dad give your pet
    a nibble here and there it adds up!  Start by involving all family members and initiating  a one week food diary where
    everything – liquid included – is recorded so that we can accurately assess how many calories your pet is now getting. A link to
    a sample food diary template can be found below.  Stop by either location for a free measuring cup for accurate measuring.  

    Step 3.  How many calories should your pet get?  We would be happy to determine this for you – bring your pet by either
    location for  computerized print out  listing how many calories your pet should be getting, or you can calculate it yourself using
    the following formula: (Ideal Weight in lbs divided by 2.2 x 70) to the 3/4 power. For weight loss this amount should be
    multiplied bu 0.8 to determine the number of calories your pet should be getting per day.

    Step 4.How many calories are in my pet’s food ?  Below are links to calorie listings for various pet foods and treats.    There
    are many websites that list caloric content of people food.  Having trouble?  Give us your weekly food diary and we will be
    happy to do the calculations for you.

    Step 5. Adjust diet to the appropriate daily calorie intake for weight loss.  Consider a    reducing diet to make this easier, and
    keep your pet satisfied.

    Step 6.  Increase your pet's activity level.  An active pet burns more calories than one that sleeps all day.
Calorie content of Pet Food Brands
Food diary / activity log
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