Dog Boarding                                               

    Standard Boarding includes an indoor/outdoor climate
    controlled run so that your pet can relax the day away inside, or go
    outside in the sunshine at his or her own accord.  You may bring
    your own food*, or your pet will be fed a premium sensitive stomach
    diet twice daily at no charge.

    Dogs that stay for 5 days or more will receive a complimentary spa
    bath upon departure.

    For those dogs that enjoy outside play, but can be particular about
    their friends, leash walks or supervised individual off leash play in
    our fully fenced grassy "Safari Park" can be scheduled.

    Naples Safari Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, Inc
    3333 Vanderbilt Beach Road just East of Livingston Naples Fl. 34109
    239-592-1950  239-592-9987fax

    If your pet prefers snuggling,  individual cuddle time is available.

    For our more social boarders,  off leash group play in Safari Park
    means excercise, fun and friends.

    For those dogs that like to play all day, daytime hours can be spent
    in our Cageless Safari Day Camp, which includes an indoor
    play area, lots of toys, outdoor play patio with wading pool, off
    leash play periods in Safari Park, nap times in individual "nap
    cribs", pet themed videos and music, and a cookie treat before
    retiring for dinner and night time in a private bed. *

    Safari Suites  New!  5 extra large all inclusive Suites,  because
    we know what dogs love - Private, large 5 x 7 foot temperature
    controlled  indoor area with deluxe bed, opens to  6 x 7 foot private
    patio. For our social guests, Safari Daycamp* is included in the
    Package, for those who prefer privacy,  3 leash walks or off leash
    time in Safari Park are included.  Meals included at no charge, or
    you may bring your own.

    Special Care Boarding  is available for those who may benefit
    from indoor only, closely supervised care.  Includes 3 daily walks
    and pet themed videos.  This option is suitable for the very small,
    geriatric, very young or special needs animals.

    For those pets that have existing medical issues, Medical
    Boarding, which includes a daily evaluation by a veterinary
    nurse, is suggested.  Our veterinarians will consult with your pets
    Dr.  if necessary.  Full laboratory, radiology, surgery and pharmacy
    is available on site.  Our veterinary staff is available for insulin
    administration for diabetic boarders,  and are trained to recognize
    any potential concerns.

    *Diet must be cooked or pasteurized if meat protein