Breed Specific Wellness Recommendations
    We love our pets  and our goal is to keep them well.

    We know that not all pets' vaccination requirements are
    the same so we adjust them to each pet's lifestyle.

    In the same way, wellness programs should be tailored
    for each individual dog -not only in accordance with
    lifestyle but also genetics. Here's where breed specific
    wellness is important.  We can perform the appropriate
    tests before your pet is showing signs of illness.
    Early detection means early treatment  which is more
    health effective and more cost effective.

    Did you know?
    Bichons are prone to bladder stones.
    Cavaliers develop heart disease.
    Boxers develop cancers.
    Miniature Shnauzers are prone to pancreatitis.

    Many other breeds are predisposed to developing
    certain illnesses. It is our job to educate clients and
    identify potential problems to minimize health impacts
    on our best friends.

    Click the menu to go to our page of common dog
    breeds and conditions that they are predisposed
    to as well as recommended wellness testing.

    What if you don't have a pure bred dog?  We can make
    suggestions based on your dog's general conformation,
    or a DNA test is available to determine your dog's
    genetic make-up.

    Coming soon : cat recommendations

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