Thinking about feeding a Raw Food Diet?

Lately, it seems as though it is in vogue to advocate feeding pets a raw food or BARF diet.  
There are those that claim that these diets will cure everything from skin problems to
neurological conditions to behavioral problems.  While it is true that diet can have a profound
effect on health, there have not been any studies done that support these claims.  Without any
proven benefits,  it is prudent to review the documented health risks to  both pets and people
when feeding raw meat products.  

If considering this type of diet change, we recommend reviewing the following articles and

American Animal Hospital Association's Position on Raw Protein Diets

The American Veterinary Medical Association's Position on Raw food Diets

US Food and Drug Administration's Position on Raw food Pet Diets

Tufts University Info on Raw Food Diets

Salmonella risk in raw pet food diets

Salmonella  in raw chicken pet food diets  

Perceptions in feeding raw meat diets to dogs

Dental Disease and Raw Food Diets by a Veterinary Dental Specialist
While we do not recommend feeding a raw food diet to your pet, it is appropriate to feed a
home made diet providing it is properly balanced to insure all nutritional needs are met.  This
can be a lot of work.   If you are interested in finding out more about
home made diets, click
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Please note that due to the proven, documented risk of pathogen  cross
contamination, and to assure the health of all boarding animals as well
as our staff, we are not able to feed any raw animal proteins to our
guests.  We would be happy to work with you to bring your pet's diet up
to recommended safety standards while they are here.  To understand
why this decision has been made, we welcome you to explore the
following links: