Boarding Options                                                          
    Naples Safari Animal Hospital & Pet Resort, Inc
    3333 Vanderbilt Beach Road just East of Livingston Naples Fl. 34109
    239-592-1950  239-592-9987fax    

    Westcoast Veterinary Hospital, PA
    2306 Immokalee Rd in the Greentree Center
    239-598-2202  239-598-3027 fax

    New Boarding Menu Options - Why not pamper
    your pet while boarding??  
    Gourmet Meal - A gourmet prepared meal added to your pets'
    food - Made by Merrick in their family owned manufacturing
    facilities. Choose our featured meal or pick from entrees like
    Smothered Comfort, Mediterranean Banquet or Grammy's Pot
    Pie.  Made with human grade and hormone free meats like
    chicken, turkey, duck,  lamb or fish - and wholesome ingredients
    like chick peas, spinach,  zucchini, apples and red jacket
    potatoes - and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
    Available for kitties too!!

    Furminator treatment - For pets with a thick under coat let a
    Furminator Treatment rid your pet of those tumbleweeds of
    dead hair . Your pets' coat will be healthier, your home will be
    fuzz free - and it feels good too!!  Furminators available for
    purchase for home use.  Watch the video in our lobby and
    become a believer.
    Ice Cream & A Cookie - Wouldn't you want one too? Let your dog enjoy a mid
    afternoon snack of Frosty Paws canine Ice Cream and a biscuit.

    Kong-o-licious - If your dog likes to chew, this is a go!! - A veterinary grade Kong
    is filled with a treat - so your pet can enjoy a good chew while lounging and get a
    bonus munchee too!   

    Catnip cocktail - Our kitties deserve pampering too- A pre dinner fresh catnip
    cocktail is perfect after lounging on our feline sun porch.

    Nature walks - leashed walks in our grassy fenced SAFARI PARK.


    Individual Off Leash Play in SAFARI PARK

    Group Play in SAFARI PARK

    Baths (complimentary bath with 5 days or more boarding)

    Bottled Water